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Shenyang Blower Ventilation Co., Ltd. Success from Trial-run Once of High-Speed Blower

The latest news from Group: the two kinds of high-speed blowers developed and manufactured by our Shenyang Blower Ventilation Co. Ltd. has went through the trial-running of vacuum pumping and no-load once and was successful. The blowers are the new cakes for market development and new breakthrough in technology advancement.

The 18 blowers (including 2 kinds of high-speed blowers, 8 units in total) served engineering led by Beijing-Tangshan Integrated Steel Company are the first purchasing order of high-speed blowers in the company’s history. While in old times, the company only specialized in producing low- and medium-speed ventilators and blowers. Today, the success of high-speed blower became the critical sign for the company to introduce a totally new product to the market. From now on, the company blower production will be transferred from small scale to large scale and output climbs from low to high.
The success of D800-21/D700-32 blowers that get approved by once trial-running has reflected that all running index of the blowers completely meet design requirements, and received highly appraisal from all onsite inspectors and auditors. Just a few days ago, the first batch of 2 kinds and 8 units of high-speed blowers have been transported to customer's field on time.

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