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Construction of Group New Plant Depending on Science and Technology Advancement Achieving Energy Saving and Costs Saving

News from Group: The construction of the Group’s new plant is strictly carrying out the principle of reflecting science and technology advancement and sustainable development, targeting a combination of company economic benefits and social benefits. The construction has implemented advanced processes and following 8 technical measures to achieve targets of energy saving, cost savings for the rational application of energy resources.
From the point of complying with process procedures and logistics rationality, to work out an appropriate construction layout to get the shortest distances from raw material and production auxiliary facilities to production workshops, so as to reduce come-and-go transportation of materials and save transportation costs.
New plants are constructed as multi-spanned integrated plants, with heavy steel structures, out fencing walls made of sandwiched colour steel plate and glass wool, push-and-pull heat-insulated steel doors and all outer windows of single-framed double-glassed plastic steel walls to improve plant insulating properties. The plant’s roof has a ribbon skylight to improve utility of natural lighting and decrease lighting energy consumption.
Transformer stations of all workshops are installed in each plant to reduce wiring losses. Transformers with low losses are used and capacitors are set to reactive compensation to decrease reactive losses. The plant’s lighting system uses high-efficiency and energy-saving light fixtures to improve plant energy savings.
All buildings have energy consumption measuring devices such as separate water meters, ammeters and flow meters installed inside.
Water supply for large air conditioning and tap water usage are depending on the automatic temperature control and constant pressure converter technique, which can supply water by frequency conversion according to temperature and volume changes of water supplied, thus to save energy.
Make great efforts to save water resources. The production adopts the process of circulating water supply, sewages are drained to plant sewage treatment station and treated water will be used for greening, toilet flushing and some processes of production. Therefore, sewage drainage volume is zero. Such method can save water resources and protect the environment.
Company pays much attention on adopting supplicated and advanced processes and advanced high-efficiency energy-saving equipments, such as CNC lathe, frequency conversion motor, silicon controlled and inversion power supply, so as to reduce power consumption.
The old 8 boiler rooms and 16 units of coal burning boilers (coal consumption is 39245 tons, which equal to 28032 tons standard coals) are stopped, while heat exchange stations and gas pressure regulating system stations are newly constructed, which use steam water for heat exchange for heating, combustion-air irradiation heating system and heating power tubes to enhance thermal insulation effects. The condensation water will be collected for recycling. In such cases, standard coal consumption is reduced by 7000 tons, while emission of sulphur dioxide and dust are completely stopped.

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