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SVK Gear-increased Centrifugal Compressor
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    Our SVK series compressor developed on the basis of technology introduced from DEMAG 20 years back; it comprises a serial of models such as small model like SVK4, SVK6 SVK8 for plant air application to big model like SVK224, SVK335, SVK450 for process air compressor for large air separation unit,  PTA plant etc., covering a flow range of 3000-490,000 m3/h, and the maximum operating pressure reaching 7Mpa; its applied medium mainly includes the non-corrosive and nontoxic gases such as air, nitrogen, etc.

So far, we have provided over 400 sets of SVK series centrifugal compressors for the sectors including chemical industry, air separation, power station, pharmacy, etc.

Major characteristics

1. The packaged centrifugal compressor features the multistage and cascade cooling structure, which makes it more efficient and better operating condition adjustment than the single shaft compressor; as well as energy conservation, power saving and wide operating scope, bringing more economic benefits to the users.
2. The assembled centrifugal compressor features the structure with multistage, multi-speed and intercooling, which provides better efficiency and broader operating range for adjustment comparing with single shaft compressor. Features also cover energy conservation, power saving and wide operating scope, bringing more economic benefits to the users.
3.The 3D impeller with semi-closed design has efficient aerodynamic characteristics.  
4. The inlet guide vane has wide operating range and is easy to control.
5. The multiunit tube cooler can effectively carry out cooling between the compressor stages.  
6. It uses the integral oil device and plate type oil cooler.
7. Molten individual spiral housing for compressor.
8. Control panel with automatic local/remote control.
9. Using the tilting-pad bearing to improve the stability of the rotor.

Typical reference:

1. SVK12-3S  air compressor using mainly used for utility air station.


2. SVK16-3S Nitrogen compressor for small size Air Separation Unit

3. SVK112-1S process air compressor for one of Propylene plant.


4. SVK50-6H Booster Air Compessor for ASU ( photo show BAC of 3400tpd ASU.)

5. SVK112-3S main air compressor for  medium ASU ( photo shows 700 tpd ASU)

6. SVK224-4S process air compressor for large scale PTA plant.


 Main parameters of SVK series compressor


Flow Rate (m3/h)

Compression Ratio



























































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