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SV Single Stage Compressor
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The SV series centrifugal compressor is a patented product (patent No. CN200620168645.7) independently developed by our company, mainly applied in the industry unit concerning ethylene, fertilizer, coal gasification, etc. in the petrochemical industry; as a compressor at the circulation segment, it has a higher pressure level (typically over 1.5Mpa); however, it has a smaller compression ratio. In most cases, it can be realized with a single-stage compressor.The medium mainly includes mixed gas with toxic and harmful contents, and the leakage problem can be solved by sealing with dry gas. Since the medium often contains strong corrosive components, resulting in a stricter requirements for the material of impeller, which may be made of nickel-based alloy or stainless steel. The medium in some applications contains particles, therefore, it is necessary to carry out surface hardening for the materials in the circulating part to improve its abrasion resistance and improve the service life of the unit. The SV compressor can be driven by steam turbine or motor.

                                     SV compressor capacity range:
Actual Inlet flow ( m3/hr)
SV4 - M/T
Process gas
SV6 - M/T
Process gas
SV12 - M/T
Process gas
SV16 - M/T
Process gas
SV20 - M/T
Process gas
SV25 - M/T
Process gas
SV30 - M/T
Process gas
SV40 - M/T
Process gas
SV50 - M/T
Process gas
Note:   M means motor driven, T means turbine driven.
SV compressor has the following structural characteristics:

(1) Packaged vertically-split welded gear (bearing) casing.
(2) The spiral housing is made of steel casting or weldment. 
(3) The high efficiency 3D impeller is made of high intensity stainless steel or nickel-based alloy  (depending on the process requirement).
(4) Independent lubricant system.
(5) The shaft end is sealed with dry gas.
(6) Flexible laminated membrane coupling with fully-closed protective device.  
(7) Common foundation mounted with packaged compressor and driving devices greatly reduces the floor space.   
Typical reference:
1.  SV gas compessor for high temperture & pressure application in Tianjin Alkaline Chemical, China.
2. SV 12-M recycle gas compessor for Yunnan Tian'an Chemical Co., Ltd, Coal Chemical Unit.  Working pressure 43 bar, inlet temperature: 200 degree C,  Capacity: 2500KW
3. SV50-M , Pressure : 26 bar, 5200kw, for Sinopec Wuhan Branch, 300000 Ton per year LDPE unit.
4. SV20-M, pressure : 17 bar, 1100kw,  working in Lee Chung Yung Chemical, Taiwan.
6. SV type of steam compessor for Mechanical Vapour Recompression application.

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