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DH Gear type Centrifugal Compressor
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Product Specifications:

For example DH63 as 

    D for compressor
    H for two horizontally arranged gear shaft
    63 for impeller diameter of 630

Product Parameters:

Range of flow rate: 17000-83000 /min
Range of operating REV: 6780-12000r/min

Range of Pressure:

The inlet pressure is the atmospheric pressure, the compression ratio less than 7

Product Features: 

DH compressor a dual-shaft four-stage isothermal compressor, mainly featuring compact structure, good performance, high efficiency, wide range of flow rate, easy maintenance, low cost and stable running.

Manufacturing Materials:

Made of the following materials depending on different compressor’s medium, temperature and pressure

Spiral housing

HT250 (DIN GG25, ASTM  A278 40Stages)


Q235-A (DIN S235JR, ASTM A570 Gr A)

Gear casing

Q235-A (DIN S235JR, ASTM A570 Gr A)

High/low speed shaft


Bull gear shaft

35CrMo (ASTM/AISI 4135)


Fv520B (ASTM A705, 630), KMN (ASTM A182F22)





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