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Fluid Coupling
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Development of fluid coupling started with QU53 and QU58 products in the 60s, went to OH46, OH46/I, OH46/II, OY55 and OY55/I first generation in the 70s and 80s, moved to YOCQ422, YOCQ422/I, YOCQ500 high-power and high rotary speed couplings and YOT 560, YOT620 high-power and middle rotary speed series fluid couplings of the second generation at the end of the 80s. From the 90s till today, the fluid couplings are continued to be improved and new products have been created. Now, series products have been developed, while transmission power can be up to 6000kW, regulating range can be 5:1 and output rotary speed can be designed with increasing gears upon customer's needs. At present, our couplings have been successfully applied in boiler feeding pumps with capacities of 300MW, 200MW, 135MW and 125MW in thermal power generating plants, so that the water pumps can achieve step-less speed variation. All these series products of couplings can also be applied for machines needed speed adjustment, such as in-line pump, air fan, cinder and stuff pump, coal grinding mill.
Transmission gears of the fluid coupling mainly consist of some mechanism, electric appliances and instruments, including high rotary speed coupling, accelerator gear, speed adjusting gear, oil feed pump, lubricating oil pump structured of planet gears, auxiliary pump, filter, control valve, overflow valve, electric actuator and pressure controller. In addition, the transmission gears also have two systems, namely, working system and lubricating system. When input rotary speed is defined, change gears rotary speed can increase speed of output shaft. 

By applying fluid coupling to adjust rotary speed, you will have following advantages:

①Speed of the driven mechanism can be adjusted to stepless variation, so as to achieve the goals of energy saving
②No-load or partial load start-up is available so that the start-up of driven mechanism becomes easy.
③Machines and equipments are protected and units running safety and reliability are improved.
④It will be more convenient to achieve adjustment in whole progress and automation.
⑤Impacts and vibrations are decreased, thus machines and equipments have longer service life.

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