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MCO Variable speed Isothermal Compressor
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MCO variable speed Isothermal Compressor
1. Structural Characteristics:  

Single casing structure 
•Four stages compressions
•Axial air inlet of first stage with Inlet Guide Vane.
•First stage is half-open high-efficiency three-dimension mixed-flow
impeller, the rests are closed-type.
•Welding structure casing, with horizontal-split structure.
•3 External Coolers, Cooling stage by stage
•Good performance of Cooling,Fully Separate the Air and Liquid
•Simple structure of Cooler, Easy to Maintain
•Low Cost on Construction
•Wide  Range adjustable by  Speed plus Guide Vane


2.  Product Range:


3. Typical reference :

                  MCO1204 + 3BCL457 compressor train for Shanxi Fengxi Fertilizer Group Co., Ltd ,  ASU capacity : 28000 Nm3/hr Oxygen prouction.


      MCO1204 + 3BCL457 compressor train for Shanxi Shenmu Chemical Co., Ltd ,  ASU capacity : 28000 Nm3/hr Oxygen prouction.

               MCO1404 + 3BCL457 compressor train for Inner Mongolia Uxin Banner Shilin Chemical Co., Ltd ,  ASU capacity : 35000 Nm3/hr Oxygen prouction. 



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