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Customer Service Center

     The Customer service center of Shenyang Blower Works Group strives to build first-class service brand under the idea that “Customers are always right, thinking in the customer’s perspective to offer timely and considerate services”. An all-dimensional, multilayered service system has taken shape, which consists of the Technical Department, the Customer Service Department, the Installation & Maintenance Company and the Remote Detection and Fault Diagnosis Center etc. The center is mainly responsible for providing after-sales service for such products as blowers, pressure fans, reciprocating engines manufactured by the group as well as undertaking field survey, installation, debugging and maintenance condition monitoring of products manufactured home and abroad etc. At present, the center has several professorial ranked experts and associated senior professors, and integrated team and technologies to ensuring high quality and effective services.

1. Guide field installation, test and trial operations of equipments like compressors, blowers, fans used in sewage disposal plant, VK series, reciprocating compressors and pump units.
2. Receive visitors.
3. Feedback quality problems on the spot.
Remote Control And Fault Diagnosis Center

      With “improving the service level of the equipment manufacturing industry with IT technology” as its aim, the center is a large-scale data management service center established on the basis of Internet technology and unit monitoring and diagnosis. It is dedicated to providing our customers with timely, high quality and efficient services, carrying out real-time monitoring over the operation condition of units installed around the world , providing our customers with remote monitoring and diagnosis value-added services backed by an expert panel and the diagnosis knowledge experience database. We work together with our customers to improve equipment reliability and reduce operation risks. Now the center, consisting of a expert panel with over 40 years of fault diagnosis experiences and a handful of young professionals with software and hardware knowledge, and all with rich experiences who are keen on fault diagnosis and would like to do their utmost to serve you.

Diagnosis Service
1. Analysis report: provide routine status analysis and evaluation report on a regular basis.

2. Fault early warning: provide the user with fault early warning service. When the unit vibrates abnormally during operation.

3. Fault diagnosis: conduct remote monitoring and diagnosis on the abnormal conditions of units(such as abnormal vibration and disorderly closedown etc) from time to time as required by the user, provide diagnosis analysis report and bring forth handling proposals.

4. diagnosis experts with rich field diagnosis experiences to render field services as required by the user, diagnose unit faults and put forward analysis opinions and diagnosis conclusions, participate in the field implementation of the handling proposal until the fault is eliminated.
Installation And Overhaul Division 

      Founded in 2007 and with a group of equipments installation and maintenance team featured by strong technical strength, comprehensive professional knowledge, rich experiences,  it has been always dedicated to providing our customers with the installation and maintenance of equipments like compressors, blowers, ventilators, reciprocating engines and pump units etc.  We can undertake installation and maintenance project of various blowers and pump units and wish to achieve the goals of ensuring project safety, economical efficiency, high quality and efficiency through our first-class management over the project and to improve the reliability and soundness of equipments of the owner.


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